This is a collection of resources (for various RPGs) that I've created over many years.


I started playing Traveller in 1985 - it was the first RPG that I bought. Since then, I've produced a variety of content for it, some bits of it rougher round the edge than others. The items below are a selection of the material that I've produced since 2000; much of my earlier work is still in exercise books.

BRP/Call of Cthulhu

Most of my gaming these days - including that in Traveller - uses Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying system. I have been known to run games in the Cthulhu mythos.

Mouse Guard

I've been playing Luke Crane's murine fantasy RPG (based on David Petersen's comic of the same name) for a few years.

Interactive Fiction

I've long held an interest in adventure games, interactive fiction and hypertextual narratives.

Live Roleplaying

I'm a regular at Callacon, a small gaming convention that's run by a group of friends, for which I've written two live roleplaying games.

RPG Organiser

Pretend that you're a yuppie gamer with this custom RPG stationery!

RPG Stationery
Designed for A5 filofaxes or similar unbranded 6-hole organisers.


Some things just don't fit anywhere else. I made these because I didn't have any Monopoly money to use with James Earnest's Cheapass Games.

Temple ov thee Lemur-branded Monopoly-style paper money for games