When I opened my first bank account as a teenager, I received a free Filofax organiser, and set about creating custom RPG stationery for it using my little Commodore 1520 pen plotter. Thirty-odd years later, I've revisited the idea, in part prompted by a Kickstarter for a Filofax-compatible RPG organiser.

For the non-Brits who may not have come across the term before, Filofax is a brand name associated with a particular kind of organiser, specifically, six-ring binders that take paper of a particular size (slightly smaller than an A-format/mass-market paperback - 95mm by 171mm, compared to 110mm by 178mm for the paperback).

Filofax has been around since the 1930s, but only really came to prominence as a yuppie accessory in the 1980s. You can still buy a wide range of custom stationery to fit them (many types of diary, address books, todo lists, etc). The basic patent for the design has long expired, and so you can buy unbranded filofaxes that use the same stationery, and you can also buy unbranded stationery - and folk will still talk about them as filofaxes. Filofax themselves now produce a range of ring binders for different paper sizes, all based on the original six-hole design (but irritatingly with slightly different spacings for the different sizes).

The PDFs below are all designed to be used with the A5 Filofax binders, and so should be printed at 100% scale on A4 paper and cut down to give two A5 sheets. The hole positions are marked so that you can perforate them one-by-one, but I'd advise you to buy a robust six-hole punch that's explicitly designed to punch A5 sheets in a single pass (i.e. not the Rapesco model).

Official Filofax binders are available from Filofax themselves, but there are many unbranded six-hole A5 binders available from Amazon and the like.

All resources below are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Generic Stationery

Traveller Stationery

Traveller was the game that I originally set out to make stationery for in the late 80s, inspired by the forms in Supplement 12: Forms and Charts. The forms below should work with most Traveller editions (exceptions: TNE, GURPS Traveller, Traveller Hero, Traveller20)

Mouse Guard Stationery

This is a tweaked version of the A4 character sheet available on my main Mouse Guard pages.